on a resistance to being disciplined

Because I couldn’t help but make trouble for rules and common-sense assumptions, with my constant questions and refusals to just accept the way things are, teachers labeled me unruly, disobedient, and lazy. They were wrong…about being lazy. I’ve always been a hard worker with a lot of determination and dedication. My problem was/is nota lack of discipline, but a resistance to being disciplined.

on reclaiming my passion

I want to reclaim my passion for engaging with ideas, authors, theories and education that school sparked within me and then, over the course of 33 years as a student and teacher, disciplined out of me.

on storytelling

I want to craft and share stories that reflect more troubling understandings and that convey joy and difficulties, our fulfillment and exhaustion. I like messy stories; stories that don’t always erase our conflicts, that allow us to put our sometimes contradictory experiences beside each other.