The playful description of my projects. This list is part of my Troubling Teaching Portfolio.

Projects that I’ve completed

  • Edited version of Grandma’s Memoirs

Projects that I’ve started but not completed

  • Banging on the Loom, from The Farm, a story experiment
  • Audio version of Unofficial Student Transcripts

Projects that are way too ambitious and may never be completed, or even started, but that’s okay because they’re probably better imagined than realized

  • A role playing video game (rpg) about Finnish-Americans immigrating to the UP in the 1880s/1890s, establishing livelihoods and families and then struggling to survive and hold onto their land and heritage
  • A video series on people making left turns while driving that combines a goofy theme song (“people turning left, people turning left”) with video footage of people’s expressions as they turn left

Projects that I plan to complete, but have temporarily abandoned because I moved on to something else that seemed more important right now

  • Marking the Occasion
  • Home Tours

Projects that I’m slowly working on in the midst of other projects, adding a little bit here and there, until I finally decide that they just need to be finished so that I can be done and move on with my life already

  • How to be: a creative project creating, collecting and archiving examples of ways of being/qualities of character/virtues for flourishing
  • Kids and Moral Education
  • Digital Literacy Skills
  • Feminist Pedagogy and its Applications for Online learning and engagement
  • An archive of favorite gestures and sounds of my mom, collected from old video footage

Projects that will always be ongoing because they can (and should) never be completed

  • Digital Moments Story Experiments
  • Undisciplining the Self and unlearning toxic values
  • Video and text memories of Mom
  • Troublemaking, queer/ing feminism and parenting methods and practices

Projects that I might never complete because my reasons for starting them, which seemed so compelling at the time, no longer exist, or at least don’t exist at the same level of urgency as they once did

  • Scraps of Memory, from The Farm, a story experiment
  • You are T/here, from The Farm, a story experiment

Projects that I capriciously promised to start but have never advanced past the stage of being introduced in a blog post with the caveat, “When I have time, I plan to…” or “in the future, I will…”

  • A description/essay of my feminist ethics of care
  • A taxonomy of assholes, douchebags and bullshitters

Projects that I began with great enthusiasm but soon realized that they just didn’t work, so I abandoned them

  • Mo and Ro take a bike ride

Projects that, on bad days, make me doubt myself and dejectedly conclude: “no one cares about this project. It’s ridiculous and unimportant”. And on good days, encourage me to celebrate myself and defiantly claim: “so what if no one else cares about this project? I’m not doing this project for them, but for me!”

  • Every project that I do

By the Numbers 

  • Videos created and uploaded to Vimeo: 183
  • Video Introduction to Online Project: 2
  • Digital stories about my mom and how I’m trying to not forget her: 4
  • Digital moments documenting life with a 2nd grader: 20
  • Digital stories starring my first grade report card: 1
  • Book Trailers created: 1
  • Books self-published: 2
  • Writing and researching sites: 3 (Story, TROUBLE, Undisciplined)
  • Story project sites: 2 (The Farm, Unofficial Student Transcripts)
  • New Media Grant Proposals Written: 1
  • New Media Grant Proposals Successfully funded: 0
  • Personal Digital Archives created as form of storytelling: 3
  • Types of Social Media (semi) Regularly Used: 6 (twitter, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook)
  • Types of Social Media that I’ve tried out, but only use occasionally and sporadically: 3  (Storify,, Goodreads)
  • Blog posts published since 2012: 399
  • Blog posts currently unpublished, in draft stage: 107
  • Interactive Documentaries analyzed: 16
  • Invited talks given: 2
  • Talks recorded at home studio: 1
  • Podcast Episodes Recorded: 1 season (16 episodes)
  • Conference presentations accepted or invited to, and then bailed on: 3 (PDA, Victoria workshop, Twitter for MSUM)
  • Longest Running Race Distance completed: 13.1 miles
  • Longest Open Water Swim: 5000 meters
  • Car trips to Zion National Park: 4