Course Blogs

Recently the university where I taught for almost six years moved away from the blogging platform that I had used to create all of my course blogs. The blogs aren’t lost completely, they’re just difficult to access. Through some effort, I was able to find links to archived versions of most of the blogs on wayback.

Course Blog Links on Wayback

Here is a link list of the blogs that I have created/managed at the University of Minnesota through UThink. The courses that have not yet been found do not have links:

Pop Culture Women
International Feminist Theory

Queering Theory
Rebels, Radicals, Revolutionaries
Introduction to GLBT Studies
Feminist Pedagogies

Contemporary Feminist Debates

Feminist and Queer Explorations in Troublemaking
Feminist Pedagogies
Queering Theory

Feminist Debates
Queering Desire
Feminist Pedagogies

Feminist Debates, Spring
Politics of Sex
Queer/ing Ethics
Feminist Debates, Fall
Queering Theory

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