how to be

A project in the unmaking and remaking of a Self.

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And there is the thing that one does, the needle one plies, the work, and within that work a chance to take thoughts that are hot and formless and to place them slowly and with meticulous effort into some shapely heat-retaining form, even as the gods, or nature, or the soundless wheels of time have made forms all across the soft, curved universe–that is to say, having chosen to claim my life, I have made for myself, out of work and love, a handsome life.

Upstream/ Mary Oliver

This project is about how to be, not who to be, or what to be, or even why to bother being, and is rooted in the belief that we both make the world and are made by it through our daily practices.

How to Be…some suggestions


Areas of Study

  • Birds
  • Bees
  • Water and Stone
  • Wind
  • Color
  • Moss and Mushrooms
  • Dirt and Dust
  • Windows


Undisciplined’s Exercises
Others’ Exercises

Suggestions from Others