Not passive consumption.

from my talk, Living Beside/s the Academy

But, what does it mean to engage? To engage is to participate and become involved with the ideas, authors and perspectives that we encounter and to establish meaningful connections with them in ways that require thinking about not only what they mean but what they do and what they do to us.

To engage is to give attention to feeling and experiencing, not just knowing and to unlearning, not just learning. 

To engage is to work on feeling the effects of ideas, experiencing the force of the questions posed by what we’re encountering, and processing how we are implicated in a theory. This can help us to bring more of our Self—as persons, intellectuals, spiritual beings, bodies— into our work.

from TROUBLE blog

What does it mean to engage, part one?
What does it mean to engage, part two?

To engage is to listen

Are we listening?

This is the Liturgy of Home.

There is only one moment in time
When it is essential to awaken
That moment is now.


This does not require belief, it requires engagement.

Terry Tempest Williams/ Erosion