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I’m Sara Puotinen/Undisciplined. I used to be an academic. Ten years of graduate school, then six years of teaching at a university. Now, since the beginning of 2012,  I’m not. In addition to training for a marathon, open-water swimming, adjusting to some quirky vision problems, trying to keep up with all the books I check out of the local library and enjoying life in South Minneapolis with my family, I’m experimenting with ways to craft a life beside (next to, but not in) and besides (in addition to) the academy. These experiments involve a lot of learning new things, like how to code and how not to write/think/act like an Academic, and a lot of exploring how to use things I’ve already learned, like two decades of training in feminist/critical/ethical/queer theories and pedagogies, in new ways.

For a glimpse into my past life, check out my CV.

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