Who is Undisciplined?

Pictured above: Comments from my kindergarten report card.

I’m Sara Puotinen, an ex-Academic, Storyteller and Troublemaker. You can email me at: sara@room34.com

I started identifying as Undisciplined almost by accident. Until launching the first version of this site back in 2012, it was just my twitter handle. I had wanted to use trouble but every variation on it was already taken. I thought about using disciplinary problem, but it was a lot of characters and I had been warned that if I used too many characters nobody would ever want to reply to me. So I settled on undisciplined. Now, 3 years later, I’ve fully embraced it as a useful way to describe me and what I do.

But, who is Undisciplined?

For a lengthy answer to that question, read carefully through this site. Check out my stories about becoming an ex-Academic, or cultivating a storytelling Self, or valuing and practicing troublemaking and trouble staying. Or, just browse through the many pages.

the soundbite:

I am an ex-Academic who is experimenting online with undisciplined (unexpected, improper, resistant, rebellious) ways for using my academic training in my storytelling and troublemaking. I experiment to reclaim my passion for engaging with ideas, authors, theories and education that the academy sparked within me and then, over the course of 33 years in school, disciplined out of me.

Want to know more about my academic self? Check out my CV.